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Management Team

Carver Media Group was founded in June 2003, by Elliot Carver and Todd Freeman – two people who were working for the same company at the time with a common interest who then proceed to work closely together in PR for the next 2 years, before Todd unbundled his share of the business to Elliot who is now the sole owner. Our office in London includes more than 45 top-quality account service professionals, in addition to the members of our internal support teams. The majority of the account service personnel have experience inside both corporate and agency environments, enabling them to see situations from the client’s view as well as the agency’s. More specifically, our staff members have held positions in a comprehensive range of positions including:


Marketing/public relations managers inside technology companies


Marketing specialists within financial firms


Newspaper reporters


Broadcast journalists


Freelance writers


Account specialists, managers, supervisors and vice presidents at other public relations agencies

As a result of the staff's combined expertise, each Carver Media Group client receives a global perspective that leads to specific solutions for communications, marketing and product positioning objectives.


Elliot Carver - Cheif Executive Officer

Stationed remotely from the agency's London office, Elliot prefers to lead a life a little slower paced than in the hustle and bustle of London though remains very 'hands on' leads the company and oversees Carver Media Group’s business development efforts and growth plans.

Elliot successfully led the company through significant organic growth and three strategic acquisitions, one of which has been unbundled to Citrix, Elliot’s proven leadership and operational expertise are tremendous assets for the company as it executes strategies for achieving ambitious growth plans.

Prior to Carver Media Group, Elliot was at Alfred McAlpine, joining in March 1999 as an assistant to the regional director and holding various positions, until becoming management in October 2001.


Paul Simons - Sales Manager

Paul joined Carver Media Group in 2009, from his post within Carver Media Group's London office, Paul brings an impressive record of commercial achievements and uses his 10 years of communications experience to lead Carver Media Group's efforts to stimulate brand awareness, leverage client successes, and gain significant market share nationally.

Prior to joining Carver Media Group in 2009, Paul was at Hobs Reprographics, since January 2005. Prior to Hobs, Paul established himself as an entrepreneur when in 1997 he founded his own sales and customer services company which after seven highly profitable years was the subject of an acquisition in 2004.

As well as building an impressive portfolio in PR, Paul has found time to write a major new book for one of our high profile clients, and has put his television skills to good use, having produced several short films for PHA.




Andrea Wilson - Chief Group Legal Council

Cambridge University graduate and former European Patent Attorney, Andrea moved to Carver Media Group in 2005 from her legal background with Slaughter and May and is responsible for the oversight and growth of Carver Media Group's legal department with efforts focused on strategic transactions, including general legal operations, advising on intellectual property issues and corporate governance in addition to employment matters.

Andrea regularly works closely with Slaughter & May law firm who rank in the top 5  of chambers. Andrea has been a regular speaker for the English Law Society, Scottish Law Society, in addition to a long history of involvement with community legal advice, particularly with the Citizens Advice Bureau ("CAB"),  and Law and private seminar organisations.


Kathy Smith - Accounts Manager

Kathy oversees the accounts and  In her more than 13 years in public relations Kathy has represented an array of companies in spaces from datacenter hardware and enterprise software to mobile and wireless and consumer/lifestyle technology. Her expertise is in working with emerging companies to create awareness and establish a strong market position.

Prior to joining Carver Media Group in 2004, Kathy was with International Business Machines, where she started as an intern in 1995 and gained early experience supporting some of the technology industry’s pioneering arms of big blue. While there she graduated to increasingly senior roles and eventually managed a team of people responsible for several key accounts.


Andrew Davies - Customer Manager 

Andrew spent time first as an Account Manager, extending his responsibilities to Project Manager, and ultimately becoming Customer Manager responsible for 40 staff. At Carver Media Group Andrew takes responsibility for all aspects of operational and project delivery, and leads management team in formulating strategic and operational objectives.

Andrew has a broad range of expertise in various industries and vertical markets, including security, network management, storage, financial services, government, education and healthcare. She also specializes in executing rapid response to industry trends programs for numerous clients. Overseeing cooperates ranging in size from start-ups to multinationals and government markets.

Prior to joining Carver Media Group in 2006, Andrew was a senior account executive. During his prior employment, Andrew directed strategy and message development, as well as coordinated media and analyst relations with clients in the security, e-learning, B2B and e-commerce space.


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Management Team

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